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by Token Health on December 18, 2011 in Other Bloggers

This is part of the Other Bloggers Review series where I write about other bloggers around the web.

Samswebguide.com is a blog run by Robyn-Dale Samuda who is a web developer located in Jamaica. He has a separate site for his web development and design business called Creative Engine Jamaica. The Mission of Samswebguide.com is to

“…. create an easily accessible avenue for Internet Tips, Tutorials, Web Development Techniques, Technology News and Reviews that will help anyone to find success online.”

A recent post by Sam as he likes to call himself is titled “Transforming Passion Into Online Success – Making Millions Through Blogging” published on December 5, 2011. In this post he discusses how you have to passion in order to become successful as an entrepreneur. He encourages you to get outside and socialize to help ask questions and figure out your true calling. He feels you should blog about something you are passionate about even in a down economy and with market saturation. He states

“[Readers] are looking for bloggers and entrepreneurs with passion, direction and authority and they follow these figures because they know that there is always something to be learned from passionate people.”

I feel this is an excellent post and definitely what I would recommend others do when it comes to business and blogging success.

An interesting post was made by Sam on Jane 12, 2010, titled “17 Killer Techniques for Driving Massive Search Engine Traffic to Your Blog.” In this post he recommends considering using the WordPress plugin W3 Total Cache to help improve your blog’s loading speed and performance. Other items on this list include recommended that you avoid using Black Hat Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Techniques. While I agree with Sam on this one you may be able to use a few borderline Black Hat SEO tricks successfully but yes you need to be careful. Sam does recommend that you use PRWeb.com which is a paid press release site. I have never personally used this and have read that recently Google has been lowering the quality of articles from this site. Other useful items in this include frequently updating your blog, creating original and useful content, and guest posting on other authority blogs. Check out his list for the rest of the details.

Sam has another interesting post titled “12 Easy Ideas For Making Money Online Through Blogging, ” published on June 1, 2010. It comes as no surprise that the first recommendation on his list is to use Google Adsense. Other items include using paid advertising through banner advertisements and text link ads on your blog, accepting donations, selling WordPress themes and plugins, using affiliate links with WordPress themes on your blog, writing for other blogs and sites that offer payment for your articles, becoming a consultant and offering services through your blog (in this case Sam offers his web development skills), writing sponsored reviews on your blog, and writing  e-books in a niche you are skilled and knowledgeable about and selling these e-books on your site. The last item on his list is where he recommends a private forum, membership, or other course that you offer for a fee. I have seen other bloggers offer classes with sign-ups. In addition, I have also seen other bloggers offer private areas of their blog with various tools and content accessible for a paid fee.

Sam further has a useful post titled “24 Deadly Signs of a Failing Blog,” published on April 28, 2010. I think this list is worth the read and some of the key takeaways are to make sure you don’t become too focused on money and make sure you update frequently with high quality content.

The above is just a sampling of some of the posts and topics covered by Robyn-Dale Samuda on his site. I encourage you to visit his site, comment and interact on his blog, and consider using his services as a Web designer.  I am impressed with his blog posts and insights into the blogging business and world.

For those interested guest writers are also welcome on the blog with a post of at least 400 words or more. For more information visit http://samswebguide.com/guest-post/

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