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by Token Health on February 17, 2012 in Other Bloggers

This is part of the Other Bloggers Review series where I write about other bloggers around the web.

kristarella.com is a blog run by Kristen Symonds running on the Thesis theme for WordPress. She is from Sydney, Austrlia and majored in Molecular Biology at UNSW but is currently freelancing doing Thesis cutomizations. Her about page explains some more http://www.kristarella.com/about/. If you really want to know more then check out 100 Things.

She is an expert at Thesis and I have previously used some of her tutorials to help me learn some things.

She recently has come out with a Thesis Mobile Child Theme in November 2011. She is currently selling Thesis Mobile for $2.99 and recommends you use it with Mobile Smart.

Some of her excellent posts include the post titled “Position Your Thesis Nav,” posted on May 17, 2010, in which she discusses various ways using CSS to move the Nav. Code is provided so you can experiment.

In a post titled “Full-width headers in Thesis 1.5,” posted on April 2, 2009, she discusses how you can use full-width navigation by using a hook. She provides code which you can experiment with as well.

I personally recommend you view her tutorial titled “How to use Firebug for CSS,” posted on February 4, 2009, which gives an overview of how you can use Firebug which is a plug-in for Firefox to help you better customize Thesis.

The most popular post is titled “Thesis footers 101,” and appeared on November 28, 2008. A discussion of some customizations you can make to style the footer in the Thesis theme is made. Code is provided so you can experiment.

Kristen makes her services available as a Thesis customization expert. She has a portfolio over at http://studio.kristarella.com/category/portfolio/ if you want to see some of her work. Her services include:

  • Website design
  • PSD (or other image) to Thesis slicing
  • Porting your previous website design into Thesis
  • Major and minor customisations, both visual and functional

I personally am a big fan of the posts and tutorials that appear on kristarella.com. She is very skilled and the posts are helpful particularly to those who are involved in making Thesis theme customizations. I like the design of her site but have an issue reading the header depending on my viewing angle as the blue color used is quite dark. Personally I think she should lighten the color a bit, although then it would mess up the rest of her theme. I like the icons she uses for the various pages of her site at the top.

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