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by Token Health on January 23, 2012 in Other Bloggers

This is part of the Other Bloggers Review series where I write about other bloggers around the web.

blog.jayparkinsonmd.com is a blog powered by tumblr by New York doctor named Jay Parkinson. He completed a residency in pediatrics and also one in preventive medicine at Johns Hopkins.

Jay has been called The Doctor of the Future by Fast Company and has been written about in other media outlets. See http://jayparkinsonmd.com/press.

Jay states that he begin his practice in 2007 with these elements

  1. Patients would visit my website
  2. See my Google calendar
  3. Choose a time and input their symptoms
  4. My iphone would alert me
  5. I would make a house call
  6. They’d pay me via paypal
  7. We’d follow up by email, IM, videochat, or in person

What Jay has done is elaborated on in an Inc.com piece by Nicole Carter titled “How a $1,500 Start-up Changed Health Care.” In the piece a quote from Jay says

“It wasn’t like this decades ago. Doctors served their neighborhoods, took cash, and didn’t charge a lot because there was so little overhead. So I designed a process that went back to this model, looking at it from the patient’s perspective, and just injected a little technology.”

His full experience since his birth is described briefly over at http://jayparkinsonmd.com/experience and his education is elaborated on at http://jayparkinsonmd.com/education.

He is active with speaking engagements about healthcare, design, social innovation, marketing, technology, and strategy. His past events are listed over at http://jayparkinsonmd.com/speak.

Jay likes to blog frequently. Some of the posts are short with links to articles or a mention of a journal article. Sometimes he writes longer articles and often likes to include photos.

Jay’s post titled “My best of health 2011,” provides a nice round-up of what is covered on the blog. In this he references a post titled ” The Fact That Junk Food Is Cheaper than Real,” showing an intriguing graphic about how McDonald’s food for four costs more than 2 other options.  He also links to some posts on his blog at The Future Well which is a joint venture with Grant Harrison. For example in 1 of these posts titled “Most health solutions aren’t medical they’re social,” a discussion is made of a chronically ill patient titled Frank Hendricks and how only 10% of the solutions that got him back on track were medical and the rest were social. Jay says:

“This is a significant paradigm shift. The companies that realize the future of health is about life and happiness rather than sickness, death, and medical solutions are the ones that will lead in the next decade. More importantly, the companies that can find a business model around social solutions for the neediest, most costly patients, are the ones who will not only make a killing, but change the face of healthcare in the world.”

Jay provides a very critical view of the current medical system in the U.S. in his post “What Happens to Doctors Who Think Outside the Box.” In this post Jay states:

“Doctors fall in line with the system they’re given. Don’t question it because you, your family, your finances, and the profession will suffer. That’s why innovations like my practice are so few and far between.

Technology won’t solve complex human politics and culture. Real change won’t happen until our medical institutions and the American public want change to happen.

The first step is realizing that our current medical culture doesn’t foster innovation and creativity. In fact, at almost every level, it actively and legally stifles innovation.”

I barely scratched the surface of Jay Parkinson and his blog and what he likes to write about and discuss. Further his endeavors as a doctor in the health arena are intriguing. I encourage you to take a look at his site and see what he has to offer.

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